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About the Network

Profile Massage is more than just a therapist directory, it is a network of the most effective and skilled independent massage therapists in the nation.  For inclusion in our network, therapists must be first nominated, then meet or exceed our rigorous standards.

Anyone who has received a massage knows the therapist can make all the difference.

Oftentimes you don’t have the luxury of an enthusiastic personal referral, like from a friend or colleague who you can trust.  Perhaps you are new to town, or on vacation…Or maybe you just really need a good massage.  Our directory can be that trusted and knowledgeable friend, and ensure that your massage–even your first–will be the best.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is no longer viewed as an indulgence, or merely for relaxation.  Research has shown that the benefits of massage run the gamut from stress relief and a strengthened immune response, to decreased muscular pain and even relief from psychological conditions.

Benefits of massage therapy:

- Reduces stress
- Decreases muscle tension
- Relieves pain
- Improves flexibility
- Alleviates headache pain
- Bolsters immune response
- Improves rehabilitation
- Helps manage chronic issues
- Increases personal awareness

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Nominate a Therapist for Membership

Have you found a massage therapist who is working wonders for you? Do you know of a therapist that is really exceptional? Our directory is the official place to rave.

Submit a nomination for a therapist you find excellent and help people nationwide find a great therapist on the first try!

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