Reviews | Landon Wiedenman, CMT

Reviews | Landon Wiedenman, CMT

Landon has been practicing for 10 years and received over 1,000 hours of formal training in San Diego at Body Mind College, the School of Healing Arts, and the International Professional School of Bodywork. Landon’s skills as a therapist were largely influenced through his training with Dr. Barry Green; a pioneer in holistic healthcare. After finishing school, Landon continued to teach for Dr. Green until relocating to Jackson, Wyoming. He was chosen to be Lead Therapist for the spa at The Four Seasons Jackson Hole–where under his leadership they earned the title #1 Spa in North America by Conde Nast. In addition to his massage practice he is currently working on a health technology startup–BodyMap+–that helps providers and patients manage their healthcare.

Landon’s bodywork is focused on targeting postural imbalances that create pain, dysfunction and psychological stress. Over time he gently corrects these postural problems and then works with his clients to inhibit the pattern from re-developing.  Landon’s technique combines neuromuscular therapy, progressive deep tissue, and parasympathetic massage, and is influenced by his experience with somatic psychology and the practices of yoga and Tai Chi. His goal is to focus all his attention and awareness on each individual, sustaining this concentrated focus through the entire session without interruption.  When this is accomplished he can be most responsive and thus most effective, with no time wasted.  The attention and commitment that he gives his clients have earned him an extremely loyal following in Jackson Hole. Most of Landon’s clients have been working with him for several years.

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  1. John Montgomery

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  2. I have been to Profile Massage several times and have had amazing massages. Landon is the principal I believe and I have had him each time. Skillful hands and attentive to pressure. He is very good at pinpointing and working on specific problems or complaints. I would recommend Profile Masage without reservation. -From

  3. Landon is a professional in every way. His knowledge of anatomy and sensibility of person and personality made my experience with him a real treat. I’ll definitely return for another massage.

  4. If you are looking for a quality massage therapist in Jackson, be sure to check out Profile! Landon was my therapist and I can definitely recommend him. My daughter and her friend also got massages from other therapists and all were fantastic. -From

  5. Landon is a great therapist and will listen to your areas of concern as well as respect your level of comfort. While my fiance was in her 1-hour massage session, I was even able to get a good deal of work done (wi-fi access available, I believe, if you ask). Profile Massage is the place to go whether you are looking for a CMT to provide pain relief or just looking for a casual visit to unwind and relax. I highly recommend choosing them if you are looking for a high-quality and professional establishment in Jackson Hole.
    Visited May 2012 – From

  6. Had a session with Landon. He pays attention to detail which really make the session therapeutic. Definitely worth paying him a visit. I get a lot of massages and he rates right on up there in the top 3. -From

  7. Landon listens to your concerns and targets your massage to your areas that need it most. I see him on a monthly basis to keep my body in balance. -From

  8. The therapists at Profile Massage know what they’re doing. Stress-busting, relaxing…Landon is a telepath who knows just what you need. His extensive knowledge of anatomy and mastery of multiple techniques will leave you feeling restored, your posture improved, and your pain relieved. -From

  9. This was my first massage in about 5 years and I was treating myself after running my first marathon. I was feeling super sore when I went in. My experience when I left was the way I feel after a great yoga class. Rejuvenated, flexible, content, and relaxed. Landon was very professional, hit all the right spots, and I am looking forward to my next one!!
    Visited September 2011 -From

  10. I booked my massage online for a massage the same day. It was very easy to do. Profile massage is located not far off the main square in Jackson. The office setting was peaceful & relaxing. My massage therapist was Landon. He was very nice & professional. The massage was great! I needed a lot of work on my neck & shoulders & Landon’s hands were strong enough to really get in there & break up some those knots. I highly recommend Profile Massage. In fact, I’m going to book another massage for the end of the week:)
    Visited September 2011 -From

  11. There are so many good massage therapists in Jackson Hole! How do you choose one? Just before Christmas I decided to treat myself and saw an ad for Profile Body Massage. After speaking to Landon on the phone, I made an appointment, which he accomodated to fit into my odd schedule.. He did a very thorough intake and questioned me well regarding my likes and needs. His massage was easily one of the very best I have ever had. Very professional, and it was obvious he was totally focused on me and not thinking about the next client. Landon has a very soothing voice which added to the relaxing experience along with a very clean, pleasing workspace. He worked on me well over an hour. I spoke with him regarding an upcoming hand surgery and afterwards, he worked on my arm and neck and gave me great relief from the muscle pain and soreness. I would recommend Profile Massage to anyone and can’t wait to have him work on me again!
    Visited December 2010 – From

  12. We stayed in Jackson at the Four Seasons, the spa there is beautiful with a great steam room, hot tub and outdoor pool. But, my massage didn’t help me much. Sleeping in a strange bed always makes my neck cramp up. This time it happened with a vengeance, I could barely move and was in constant pain. A good massage usually helps. But, the spa at the Seasons is definitely a factory and has gone downhill in recent years. Last time we visited, Landon worked on me and did wonders. But, I was told he had moved and they couldn’t tell me where he was. So, I did a little googling and found that he has his own practice in Jackson now. After he spent an hour massaging my neck and shoulders and can move normally again and the pain went away completely. I highly recommend seeing him. As a plus, they actually give a full hour massage here, the massage I got at the Four Seasons was more like 40 minutes. Go to a spa and sit in the pool, but if you want a great massage see Landon at Profile. -From

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