About Us


The lounge at Profile Massage in Jackson Hole


Profile Massage is an exclusive therapist-owned and therapist-run cooperative of independent massage therapists. We are also a national network of the top peer- and client-rated massage therapists in the country.  Both our practice and network were founded and organized around our fundamental principle:  to help people most effectively.  We hope this is reflected in every minute detail of our service to you.  Call us if you are in pain, are stressed-out, need help in recovery.  We are open on Sunday for appointments, in case you are too busy during the work-week.  Or, please schedule an appointment during the public Jackson Wyoming Massage Clinic if money is tight and you need some bodywork.  We will help you solve your problems, whether it be pain, depression, tension…whatever your unique issues are.

We do things differently here, to better help you as an individual.  In order to more precisely track your progress and consequently more quickly aid you in achieving better health, we encourage all our clients to record what/how they are feeling at every appointment.  Similarly, every therapist at Profile also records their observations at each session. In fact, we pioneered 3D body mapping.  In tracking your pain, your postural progress, and/or mobility, mental state (or any other symptom or issue we can help you resolve), we are better able to see a wider picture of you as an individual over time.  We can better help you integrate other practices that will contribute to your improvement, your well-being.  Such as, in the case of chronic pain caused by long-term postural misalignment, we can recommend a physical therapist, yoga instructor, or possibly a Pilates studio or other local practitioner.  Or perhaps you seek suggestions or advice regarding daily activities such as driving, walking, sitting at your desk, etc… We can access your file, look at where you are in terms of your history, known issues, life events, and make more educated suggestions geared specifically for you.  There are myriad ways our therapists use their experience and knowledge (including local knowledge) on how you might reach your goals more readily, or in the case of pain or injury, find relief and recovery sooner.

Please contact us directly by phone and let us know how we can help you feel better.