Recharge in Jackson Hole

Massage therapy relaxes muscles, easing and soothing your aches and pains. By lowering cortisol levels, stress is reduced; by raising dopamine and serotonin, your mood is elevated.  The benefits of massage are more than skin deep; there is an ever-growing body of research on the benefits of massage and spa therapies. Find out about Jackson Hole WY Massage Therapy on Yelp!


Personalized massage therapy

Get a massage that incorporates a wide range of modalities, in order to most effectively address your individual needs. Swedish massage for relaxation can be combined with deep tissue massage and neuromuscular therapy for working out acute pain and stiffness.  If you are a Jackson Hole athlete who needs to stay in top condition, we offer sports massage to help you stay flexible and strong. Neuromuscular therapy, or trigger point therapy, also targets long-term pain and other chronic conditions.  Also try our unique spa treatments, like our Hot Poultice, which improves circulation and speeds healing and recovery.