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Massage reduces shoulder tension

Out-Call Rates
Massage therapy and spa services in the comfort and security of your home.

$100/30 min.       $200/1 hr.       $300/1.5 hr.       $400/2 hr.

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Massages are billed by time on the table with your massage therapist, you will not be billed for set-up, take-down or travel time.

Corporate Morale Booster – 1 hour minimum

Treat the employees to stress-reducing chair massage in the office to show your appreciation increase workplace morale and boost productivity.

Integrative Therapeutic Massage – 1 to 2 hours

Move beyond the spa experience with massage tailored to your needs using a combination of modalities: deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy (trigger points), myofascial release, parasympathetic (swedish), postural re-alignment, polarity and sports massage.

Spot Massage – 30 minutes

A short, targeted session to address specific pain and stiffness.

Swedish Relaxation Massage – 1 to 2 hours

Long, flowing strokes reduce stress and activate the parasympathetic nervous system to bring you into a deep state of relaxation. Soothing and calming like a spa treatment should be.

Aromatherapy Massage – add-on at no charge

A relaxing choreography of pure botanical oils is added to your massage of choice.

The Profile Massage TM – 1 to 2 hours

Pain, mobility and posture is managed with massage by combining statistical analysis, state of the art record keeping and advanced treatment processes. Primarily used for injury rehabilitation and chronic pain management. This process is best utilized with a long term program.

Maternity Massage – 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours

Reduce low back pain, treat depression, and lower the risk of prematurity and low birth weight.  Massage on expectant mothers can be safely done at any point during the pregnancy.

Alpine Herbal Poultice – 1.5 hours $375

Profile’s signature sports recovery treatment.  Hot compressions with a pain and inflammation reducing herbal poultice is combined with balancing pressure points, potent botanical oils and targeted therapeutic massage to soothe muscles and help you recover from long hard days in the mountains.  It’s a singular spa experience.


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