We’ve Got Standards

For a better spa experience, the difference is in the details.

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Trained, Certified and Engaged

All of Profile Massage’s therapists are extensively trained in anatomy, physiology and therapeutic techniques with substantial experience in both spa and clinical settings. Every therapist we hire has been through our rigorous testing and five-stage interview process and found to be exceptional.  They are the best in their field.  Additionally, our therapists are nationally certified with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic NCBTMB. We work closely with local physicians and health practitioners to give you the best possible care.

Effective, Results-Oriented Professionals

Get a massage based on concrete experience, from an effective therapist with training rooted in science. Our therapists are well dressed, groomed and the massage we give you will produce tangible, measurable results.  You have our assurance that your massage will be “the best massage.”

Privacy and Security

We take your privacy seriously and carefully guard your information.  All of your interactions at Profile Massage are strictly confidential.  Additionally, we are fully compliant with the privacy rules in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  We are also PCI-DDS compliant to ensure the integrity of your financial information.

Detailed Recordkeeping and Body Charting

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – Peter Drucker

This quote has been oft repeated about money, it also applies to
healing the human body.  By keeping detailed records we amass a base of
knowledge to treat you more effectively. To give you the best in long term care we need to have a detailed understanding of what’s happening with you health. Every time you come in for a massage we record and chart what we find.  We keep the same notes used by physical therapists, chiropractors and doctors.  This also makes it easy for us to communicate with your primary physician to give the greatest possible benefit to your health.

Crisp, Soft Linens

Sheets are professionally cleaned, sterilized and pressed.  ‘Cash-were’ blankets, crisp sheets, and heated tables ensure your comfort.

Organic Spa Products

Profile Massage uses premium oils, creams and scrubs exclusively from ENSO. This product line uses only pure organic ingredients, it’s food grade and has a low carbon footprint.

Superior Sound

No more cheezy spa music.  Profile Massage uses the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin to give you the very best sound experience during your massage.  You can listen to anything you can imagine: classical cello, jazz, death metal. We have a variety of prepared play lists and nearly any musical genre is available. Custom playlists can also be composed at your request and you can bring your own iPod loaded with your favorite music.

Punctuality and Dependability

Therapists arrive approximately 15 minutes early to set-up.  Appointments are also scheduled with ample buffers in between so we have time to talk about your focus for the session and follow up afterward.

If you schedule a 60-minute massage (for example) you will receive the full 60 minutes on the table.

In-Home Massage and Spa

The same standards apply to outcall massage appointments at your home.  Set-up time won’t cut into your session.  If we bill you for an hour, you’ll get a full 60 minutes of massage time. We use the same organic oils, professionally cleaned linens, B&W speakers and heated tables that you expect at a fine spa when we work at your house. Hybrid electric vehicles are employed for house-calls to leave the smallest footprint possible.