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The Profile Massage Project



We’ve been hard at work developing an innovative system–the first of its kind: a computer model of your body created to optimize effectiveness of treatment.  With advanced spatial tracking, analytics, and predictive modeling you can gain insight and guidance to optimize your health and well-being.

We have been expanding our team in order to actualize this new system.  Profile Massage now includes the contributions of not only dedicated, skilled therapists, but also tech-savvy data systems experts, web designers, coders, and more.  We have designed a platform upon which therapists can collaborate their experience and expertise, and clients can best benefit from that combined knowledge.  Our first release is an application which allows both clients and therapists to track symptoms and observations on a 3D representation of their body, securely stored and easily accessible wherever there is wireless.

If you are interested in incorporating our tool to enhance your therapeutic program, we are introducing the Profile Massage Advisor Membership–limited to ten individuals–which grants you access and use of this app with a computer model of your body, and is now open for pre-registration.  Reserve your Profile Massage Advisor Membership now.


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